Updated Site: BEHLEN Wood Finishing Products @ Shellac.net

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Oct 122015

New Link to  H. Behlen Finishing Index:

We have been working to update our site @ Shellac.net Wood Finish Supply
for improved indexing and navigationFeedback or suggestions are welcome.

A new, and hopefully a frustration reduction feature (for products with a variety of colors) allows selection of several colors and different quantities of each & then, Click on the “add to cart” button. This will eliminate the ‘back and forth’ to the shopping cart when ordering several colors of the same item.  —
See Example
@ BEHLEN Fill-Sticks

H.BEHLEN Products have a new Master Listing & well indexed pages by product category. The new layout incorporates the multiple add to cart feature.
The item quantities may be adjusted in the shopping cart screen if desired.

Click Here for the   H. BEHLEN Finishing
WOOD FINISHING PRODUCTS listing by category & product #

See our online BEHLEN Color Guide to view or download
The current BEHLEN Factory Catalog (in PDF)
Download & View or Print out the pages you need
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Shellac.net Showroom – Open

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Sep 022013

Shellac.net Wood Finish Supply

New Address
2325 #A First Street, Napa CA 94559

We are (most of the time) Open 5 days .. 11:00 to 5:30

& most Saturdays .. 12:00 – 4.30 .. & – by Appointment.


We invite you to stop by our new location when you’re in the Napa area.
We are located in BLUE building just east of Bell Signs & at the rear of our
off street parking.
First Street is a One Way Street going West.

Shellac.net Wood Finish Supply – Location Map

From Hwy 29 take the First Street off ramp and go south one short block
& turn East on Second Street one block
turn left at Seymour  for one block and turn left again onto First street.

Shellac.net Variety Listing
To: BEHLEN & other Finishing Materials

New Book – French Polishing

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Aug 252013


Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques

“There has been much written on French polishing, never has an offering been so well illustrated — it is complete and well done, you will find it a valuable reference.
We more than recommend this book, if you have any interest in learning about
French polishing or improving your craft, BUY THIS BOOK !

Get the inside story from a hands-on pro. You can easily master all aspects of French polishing with this complete guide with all the must-know details, including:

  • frenchpolishingbookTechniques for applying layers of shellac to achieve a warm glow
  • Step-by-step instructions for restoring an old finish to its former beauty
  • Properly preparing the wood surface before beginning
  • Choosing the right products and materials to do the job
  • Solving the most common problems woodworkers encounter
  • Tips for getting flawless results every time

French Polishing
Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques
• ISBN: 9781621136729  • Paperback  • 5 7/8 x 8 1/4  • 112 pages
• well illustrated, over 150 color photos, & many highlighted ‘Pro Tips’

To Purchase See: Shellac Variety & Price Listing


BLACK & RUBY – Now Available

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Sep 082013

“BLACK Shellac” ••  Yes! Black

This Black waxy shellac is obtained from the by-products of seedlac, waxy shellac production and rosin. The color is all natural from the raw materials. No additional pigment is added.

• On Light toned woods the first coat looks  Cordovan (Blue Red) Mahogany.
•• A second Coat is Deeper and Dark Cordovan toned Black.
••• The third coat yields the BLACK!
……………………….with a shadowed hint of DEEP Blackish-Purple.

Note: On blond or light toned woods,
use a Black dye on the bare wood to obtain optimum richness and depth of tone

Just Arrived

Shellac  Description & Price List

Paint Strainers – now available

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Sep 082012

Paint Strainers

Filter foreign matter or undissolved solid particles found in various stains or finish coatings (Shellac, varnish, lacquer, stains or paints).
Paper cone with a full flow mesh tip for faster performance and no wasted finish left in the strainer.

We like these paper cone strainers for filtering of Shellac solutions.
Shellac resin with more natural organic materials may clog these strainers if used for first filtering. The Seed, Button and Black shellacs benefit by filtering through layers of coarser Cheese Cloth first.

available in: FC8 – Pack of 8   &    FC20 – Pack of 20

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